Thursday, January 8, 2009

Invitation to all

An invitation to the tea party in The Fashion Forest.
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Hello all! How's your early new year so far? I hope everything goes well as planned. The Fashion-na-nimal Darlings are starting the year off with a small 'tea party' and would love to invite all the great readers out there to come and join them. Perhaps have a bite of cupcakes and a sip of tea. So raid your closet and get your loveliest piece and head on to PWTC this weekends. As mentioned earlier, the girls will be hitting in the new pieces from the Summer/Spring 2009 fashion collection from the greatest designers they adore. Entrance is free and all are welcome. Feast your eyes with the fashion-na-nimal paper dolls and artwork. Owh...just a gentle reminder. Load up your purse, just in case you want to grab one of them home :).

See ya there!

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