Monday, January 12, 2009

Creative Mafia @ Youth : The Great Days!

The Fashion-na-nimal Darlings paper dolls

Tea set display

Hello everyone! I hope you guys are doing fine out there. My girls had fun with their 'tea party' thingy during the Creative Mafia event at the Youth '09 last weekend. We at The Fashion Forest hope that you guys had fun too!

I would like to wish Youth and Bijou Bazaar teams for organizing and handling such a great event for all the artists, vendors, entrepreneurs, youngsters and others for a healthy fun event. Well...fruitful on the other side as well :)..The Fashion-na-nimal Darlings are especially happy for having the platform for them to showcase their new favorite outfits...I'm so thankful that all my artworks were happily snatched away. Thanks to Liya & Sharun, a little cute girl named Athirah Nabila who bought my paper doll, Diana, Wan, from Lawa-Lawala, Zee Wee who brought Over the Pink Mountains, Mr. Fariz from motiofixo!, Mr. Arif from Naga DDB, Isabel, Reika from House of Reika, Michelle, Mr Fauzi from Efozy Design Studio, Murni from Mimpi Jewelery, Nadia & Raden, Nabila, Patricia from PattyBelle, and lastly, Benny from BennylitaNasution. Hope you guys enjoy my work :)

P/S : Sorry if I missed out some of the buyers name or misspelled your names. Do let me know, and I'll amend.

Miss Plasterdoll

Click image for bigger view

As you can see, the Fashion-na-nimal Darlings are sharing the same 'runway' with Miss Plasterdoll, the amateur fashion model in Plasterdoll world. She dreamt to be the Superplasterdoll one day and we at The Fashion Forest wish you all the best stars in the future! I especially adore her work and so happy that I met another artist with the same passion. Go check out her stuffs and perhaps you would want to grab one of those outfit she wore for her fashion shoot.

I'm starting on the new series of my artwork since most of them are sold out. I'm also gearing up for the next Kuala Lumpur Design Week. I had a few installation ideas to add but it depends on my budget though..hehehe.. Thanks again to everyone especially L.O.V.E for his supports and also Maryam and Bijou Bazaar team for this opportunity. I'm looking for another blast in the next stop. At the mean time, I'm sending off my girls for a short 'vacation' and Dolly-Dolly will be on working mode. Come on girl. Let's start working...

Say hello to the colourful day!
From us,
La mode des filles de la forĂȘt!


L3nZ said...

Hey dura, yeah u mentioned my name there. Its a pleasure to have your artworks in my office space now. Youre working on KLDW? Thats great!

Looking forward for more of ur stuff!


i.itch.illustrations said...

Thank you! I hope you enjoy my work.
Yeah, working on now and searching for new materials. Good day!

Me and My Lawa-Lawa said...

dura, yes i really do fall in love wit it! will make sure that my husband agrees to buy your lovely painting! wanriza of lawalawa (

i.itch.illustrations said...

Yes, Wan. I still remember you. Thank you for dropping by. It's ok...I'm working on the new stuffs also. So maybe next time you could have found something that suits you :)

Miss Michy said...

hey dura! it was such a pleasure chatting to you about art and your beautiful work (:

pinkie is propped up on my study table while i figure out how best to display her...meanwhile, i have the pleasure of looking at her every time i look up (:

keep up the good work! wish i could have bought the black and red canvases too xo


i.itch.illustrations said...

Hi Michelle! It was great to chat up with you about arts last time too. I hope my girls are making your days even pinkier! No worries..there's always something next time. Have a nice day :)

bennylita nasution said...

hola Dura My girl,
I am very happy to at last seeing you in person at Youth 09. and the best part, we were jiran to each comel...I love so much and you know what, i tak jadik send over to my hometown to my mum, my adik adn my niece a s a gift. I want to have it all!! hahahaha jahatnya I.

Anyway, sayang to see all black and white and red collection and will keep it and of course will frame it soon and up on my favorite wall in my studio. yeyeyeye...

so look forward to see more of your anak patung kertas soon! hehe