Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here comes the rainbow.

Things are moving. I'm so grateful. Dude and the Duchess (especially Mr . Richard & Miss Tercia) gave me an opportunity to display and sell my work at their gorgeous boutique. It was a great pleasure for me and I already had a few things in mind on what to add more while hanging all the artworks there today. Thanks also to all their friendly staffs who had been helpful to help me hang the work. Do drop by at the boutique as they have wonderful pieces not to be missed!

Some of my paintings at
Dude & The Duchess Fashion Show @ The Loft Gallery,
Bangsar Village II
7th-14th June 2009

I missed the Dude & the Duchess Fashion + Art Show last Saturday because I got to tend my booth at Bijou Bazaar. L.O.V.E. and I went only after the event ended. I managed to snap his actions with some of my paintings though. Glad that it all went well. Congrats to D&D for organizing the event and I'm looking forward another one in future. Works started piling up. Got interesting commissioned boudoir work and I need to continue working on the new artwork series for next exhibition. Just hoping this will go as planned. I've got some new boudoir collection series waiting as well. My eye balls starting to bulging out by just looking at the long list. Gotta go.

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