Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Just a quick shout outs on current stuffs I've been working on. As mentioned earlier, one of my work was chosen to be included in Curvy 6. I was excited to receive a copy last week and there's my work just right beside Maria Eugenia Plate's work from Argentina.

A sneak peek on the work which will be submitting for the group art show next month.

Finally, a piece from the current series which still in process. Gotta run to finish up the final piece for the show. Enjoy!

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Pinyta Rita Bangladesh said...

Hi! I'm Maria Eugenia Plate, your "neighbor" at Curvy 6.
I really like your work A LOT.
If you want you can see some of my illustrations in my blog (I have to update it!):

Bye, have a nice year!