Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A little break, A big take

So so tired. I just wish this last piece would finish today. I thought I'd doodle something during a little break. Since I'm working on the Duke & Duchess theme for the exhibition, I'd like to throw some on my Fashion-na-nimal Darlings.

I guess my Fashion-na-nimal Darlings were feeling neglected as I was fully concentrated on my other pieces than them. They said they got a little tired with designer's outfit and wanna try out something royal. So I gave them a Victorian dress but they had been stomping their heels and asking for a majestic suit instead.LOL. I never know my girls can be so demanding...
So here they are secretly wishing to be a king?..LOL.

Oh my...I need another coffee fix...


Anonymous said...

did you ever get into curvy?

i was scrolling through your blog and i happened to see the curvy post. it's been a dream of mine to get into curvy too. i tried every year since year 4 as well but never ever...i'll keep trying though!

i.itch.illustrations said...

Yeah. On the second round coz I missed the first submission. I was so surprised but kinda waste not to send the artwork for the exhibition. But hopefully will have another chance next year. The book is also fantastic with all the other artist's work.

You should keep on trying :)
Good luck!