Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion-na-nimal Darlings + Chic Charity

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Afraid not. There is always sunshine after the rain!
While sending out this message, my girls are donning in
Frankie Morello & Nathan Jenden Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

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There's so much love in The Fashion Forest!
Step in & Stay in our Love Circle.

Come!Hide under my umbrella.
While sending out this message, my girl is donning in Celine Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

You Are Not Alone
While sending out this message, my girls are donning in
Rue Du Mail & Antonio Berardi Spring/Summer 2009

Here's a little peek on what I'm working on right now. We at The Fashion Forest are going to support the Chic Charity event organized by Tongue in Chic this weekend.
Excerpt from Joyce email :
"Chic Charity is basically a pet project we have where we collect clothes that girls don't want anymore but are still good condition (and not suitable to donate to an orphanage!) and sell them for RM5-15 each. The whole point of this is to recycle clothes, buy new ones without it being expensive, and all the money goes to the Women's Aid Organisation."

Got the idea now? I'm gonna produce limited prints of my girls sending out messages (in fashionably manners of course ;)), love and comfort as an encouragement to those who have been through rough times and what some women out there have to put through years of domestic violence. We hope our little effort would at least soothes the pain a little and also spread the messages of "No to Violence" to all the people out there. Lets spread the love and give some hope for them to stand up again. Open the door for the new life, speak up and act!

Venue : Somo, Mont Kiara.

Date: 1st March Sunday
Time: 3pm -7pm
Come and support us!
Note : Apart of the sales will be contributed to WAO (Women's Aid Organization).

Owh yeah...we'll be with Bijou Bazaar on 28th February & 1st March again! Will update soon.
More artwork coming!

Warm wishes from us,
La mode des filles de la forĂȘt


Vestque said...

What a great idea. That sounds like a good cause too! Your animals are lovely ;D.

i.itch.illustrations said...

Thanks for dropping by Vestque! Hope you enjoy :)