Friday, January 2, 2009

Creative Mafia @ Youth '09 : Part 01

Doll up for the tea party in The Fashion Forest.
New set of Fashion-na-nimal Darlings.

Hello! Happy New Year 2009! New year, new day Fashion-na-nimal Darlings!

I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to those who have supported me through out the year especially my L.O.V.E. I hope 2009 will be fruitful and colourful! Not t
o forget, Vivian and JayLim from The Kraft Store for their advices and supports, Patricia who I have been working on some projects, all the vendors/exhibitors I met during the art event, owh...RANtAI Art, Findars Space team The Annexe Gallery and..of course those who came, dropped by, viewed and bought my work. I still need all of you guys to continue this wonderful journey. I would say 2008 was the greatest so far. I had fun in my work, as well as my life :).

Ok back to work, as I mentioned earlier, I planned on the tea party theme for the exhibition at the Creative Mafia next week. My girls were asking if they could do a little tea party to start off the 2009. So I said, why not! I spent the new year with my girls yesterday and dressing them up with the new outfits! We had fun choosing together and this time no cat fights over the pickings. I
warned the girls there will be no shows for this year if they keep up with the cat fights. Each one of us must stay close and I guess they listened...hehehe. Good. My target is 50 pieces of paper dolls but with the limited time, I think 30 - 35 would do and there'll be more additional pieces. I also decided to add something, but what will it be? Hush, hush for now. I will update once I finished with it.

I'm looking forward the result for the collaboration with Vivian from The Kraft Store. As promised, I can't reveal the pictures of the artwork that I did for project but I hope they'll turn out awesome! I'll be working on a few collaborations and commission work soon so things will be hectic! I'm working on my first t-shirt line and hopefully I will be able to finish up by next week. I will announce soon when they will be ready. Beside that I also plan to have a solo exhibition this year so I'm working on some research and material searching and experimenting on new materials and surfaces. I really really hope all the plannings turn out good :).

Finally, check out my current interview with KLue Magazine by Miss Claudia for January 2009. Thanks to Miss Valene who has spotted me at Mont Kiara event last time. I just saw it online but haven't managed to grab one from the store so maybe I will try to look out for it after work. Go grab one!

Well, again, Happy New Year and I wish all the readers out there a happy and prosperous year ahead.
Warm wishes from us,
La mode des filles de la forĂȘt.

Everyday is a fashion runway in The Fashion Forest!

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Plasterdoll said...

Hi! Your work is fantastic! I'm so looking forward to seeing your work at Creative Mafia ;)