Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boudoir Inspiration

Here's a little find of some inspirations for the next Boudoir Series artwork. So expect more of La mode des filles de la forĂȘt sashaying in fine lingerie. Could make the perfect gift for your beau next lovely month, don't you think? How's that? ;)

Note : All images are from respective lingerie websites and Chantal Thomass upcoming collection sourced from The Lingerie Post.


Vestque said...

This is cool. I never thought to look at fashion for inspiration.They are inspirational though and I can definitely see where you're artwork is coming from!

i.itch.illustrations said...

Hi Vestque.
Welcome! Hope you enjoy what I stocked in here :). Yeah...you can actually see that fashion has been a big influence in my work. Just freshen up a little here and there to get some ideas on the next series :)