Monday, December 22, 2008

Art for Grabs X'mas Special 2008

Booth set up.
Click for bigger view.

Here are some pictures of my set up at Art for Grabs at The Annexxe Gallery last weekend. It was a blast! I thanked to Him for opening the path and made things easier for me despite the difficulties and hardship that I faced. Thanks a million and much much more to my L.O.V.E for taking his time to drop by and support. Thanks to The Annexxe Gallery for organizing such a great event and last but not least to those who bought my work such as Lisa Foo, Nadia, Joys from STUPHY, Patricia, Sri from, Melissa, Dill from Filmmakers Anonymous, Myra, Rekha and...3 friends Patty, Tako and sorry I can't get the other boy's (Evangelione's brother) name. I'm very bad with names. All my paper dolls are sold out! And some of them managed to snatch my illustration work. I hope you guys enjoy my work.

Three friends who bought my paper dolls and came right back to my booth with my paper dolls pinned on their shirt. How cute.

Little house box with candies inside which I bought from Ying, Tofu keychain given by the Evangelione's brother, peacock necklace I bought from Evangelione's Handmade, chocolate from hugo garden's and lastly the earing I bought from Jook Yi at the Artrage Lab @ Soho last time.

Owh yeah, Amy Ng from pikaland dropped by as well. Thanks for coming Amy. It was great to see you. Looking forward the next Pikapackage Project.

I'm continuing my collaboration work with Vivian from The Kraft Store and icons requested by Patricia this week. My girls' next stop would be at the Creative Mafia at PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. I'll be participating in the exhibition and I plan to get my Fashion-na-nimal Darlings lining up. I'm thinking of a tea party or something but I'm not sure yet. There'll be a few new stuffs coming up for the next year and they are still in progress. So do drop by often for more updates!

And lastly, my artwork from current exhibition with RANtAI are still with the team, so if anyone is interested, kindly contact them. Thank you!


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