Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Marathon Updates

It's been a while I didn't update this blog. I also had missed the Fashionable Challenge on flickr. How sad. The last theme that I managed to catch up with was Print and Pattern and those two were my interpretation for the topic.
I've been rushing for deadlines at work and I'm working on Pikapackage Project which Amy Ng from Pikaland has been hosting it. I'm also working on my new artwork that I will be participating in Kecik Kecik Group Show #4.
I'm so excited since this is my first time and so far I have done 3 sketches and I'm planning to add another 7 drawing (max per artist is 10 pieces) before I can start colouring them at one time. At the same time I will try to catch up with another series of paintings for F.U.E.L. Collection which will be due by 30th October 208. I don't know whether I wil be able to send my work on time, but I really hope I will make it. I need to finish the first set by this week and send them for framing. Hope everything goes well :)

Meanwhile here's a peek on the stuffs that I sent to Amy for the Pikapackage Project. Enjoy!

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