Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post Designer's Weekend Solo Exhibition & Femme Fatale Conference

Last week I had a 3 days Solo Exhibition at the Designer's Weekend and
was invited to be one of the speakers for the Femme Fatale Conference.

My illustrations & abstract paintings.

On the stage with Miss Naho from Japan, taking questions from the floor.

Together with the other speakers for the "Gossip Girls" session.
From left: Sheiko, Lisa Lee, I & Naho Ogawa.
It was a great event. I was freaking nervous on the stage.
Though I have been in a design show on the TV before 
but this time it was very different. I have never done public speaking
for a very long time. I enjoyed the presentation from other speakers too
and I  have learnt a lot from them.
I'm looking forward for another event like this in near future :)
You can see the rest of the event pictures at 

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