Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taking chances...

Hello guys.
How's life treating you? I find time has gone so fast I'm out of breath to catch up with my work loads.
But I'm thankful and feel much blessed :).
So I'm trying to grab the opportunities as many as possible while I have the time.
I have a big plan in front of me so I'm spending much time working on my new illustration series. 

 These are how the progress so far. I'm working on a few other sketches to add on also.
While I was working on this, I got a request from a local cake designer from Unicorns & Vanilla to design her new logo based on her much fond on unicorns. Do check out her cakes design on their Facebook and blog. They also offer custom event service and parties. 

Artwork copyright of Unicorns & Vanilla

Last but not least, I'm trying out my luck on having the chance to participate in an exhibition in New York City. I need 50 more votes.
So if you guys have the time, kindly click at "Collect Me" on my profile the soonest you can. Please spread the news around and keep the votes coming in :)

Thank you to those have voted so far :)
Thank you in advance to those who will later on.
Have a nice day!

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