Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello everyone,
Sorry for short the hiatus. I started 2010 with some new busy stuffs. But now I'm back.

Here's the new Which Star Are you From Series pieces, zodiac theme inspired. I hope to complete this series as soon as possible so that I can move on working on my Fashion-na-nimal Darlings.

Meanwhile, here are the new Fashion-na-nimal Darlings paper dolls collection. I've started some of the necklace and key chain on these little darlings and will update soon.

I hope things will run smoothly in the shop and had more time to spend on paintings.


1 comment:

fatimahalzahranaamat said...

hey, congrats on ur boutique opening. unfortunately i am not around kl, but will step into the boutique if i'm around.

love ur artworks btw.