Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sneak Peek

Have a peek on my current series; Ladies & Laces.
I don't know why I'm tutoring myself by taking 5 days to finish the lace detailing and it's like revisiting the first experience of working on the same thing a year ago when I worked on the Pink Affair Series. Although it's certainly a painstaking work but I truly enjoying it and becoming addicted. Hopefully I'm able to have 5-8 artwork ready for the next installment at Pipit Wonderful Market next month and able to showcase them.

Between work and all, I managed to steal some times to get this handmade necklace done. Visit our online store to buy and more coming soon. Enjoy!


skybambi said...
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SkyBambi said...


Tersh here! Stumbled across ur blog while searching for D&D contents online. Good to see your work going well :)

Hope all is well on your side.