Monday, February 2, 2009

Boudoir Series : Tonight's Desserts Part 02

Boudoir Series : Tonight's Desserts.
Water colour on 300 gsm A4 water colour paper.

I'm almost done with the Boudoir Series. Just a few more artworks and then I would work out on Romancing Malaya 1950's for my Fashion-na-nimal Darlings. In two weeks time, on 14th February to be exact, I'll be showcasing my work again and my girls are gonna have another show. This is so interesting as they, Bijou Bazaar and Artrage Lab are bringing us way back to the 50's as the main theme for the event. I've been thinking of fitting in the kebaya for my girls! And..I'm gonna make the finishing a little special, exclusively for this event. I'm still doing some research on the theme, so lets see what will come out next,ya :)


Miss Michy said...

ooo any more details about the event? if the fashion-na-nimals are going to be decked out in old school kebayas i would love to see them (and snap em up!) in person (:

i.itch.illustrations said...

Hi Michelle! It's good to have you here. Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, on 4th February at Soho,Mont Kiara. Since they have set up on the theme, guess it's no harm participating and support them as well. So yeah, my girls are going to be in kebayas for the first time. Hope to see you around.
And owh yeah..thanks on the little limelight on your blog. Hehehe..just discovered that you posted up about my girls. Thanks!

B.Perkins said...

Very cool!
I'm really enjoying your work!